• Next Generation Material
    TISICS develops lightweight ceramic fibre reinforced Titanium
    and Aluminium alloys for high performance systems.
  • Stronger than Steel
    Titanium composites have comparable tensile performance to 300M
    landing gear steel but with up to 50% greater compression strength
  • Robotic In-Space Assembly
    Recent projects include a lightweight Titanium Composite robot arm with Airbus to manufacture
    and assembly structures in-space to reduce hazards involved with spacewalks for astronauts.

TISICS develops and manufactures fibre reinforced metal composites for high performance aerospace, space and energy system components. The technology allows 40% to 70% mass savings, enabling reduced fuel consumption, increased performance or higher payloads in marine, land, air and space environments.

TISICS composite components are robust, inert metal parts. They are outstandingly stiff, strong, tough and surprisingly light. TISICS fibre is extremely strong and can be used to selectively reinforce high stress regions. TISICS can fabricate net shape parts, reducing the risk of machining or welding defects.

We're not the only ones excited about Titanium Composites...

TISICS composites have been used in over 100 research programs. Meet some of the collaborating partners: