Who are we?

TISICS Ltd is an SME based in Farnborough, Hampshire, United Kingdom. It was formed in 2005 from a management buy out of the QinetiQ metal matrix composite business group. TISICS operates a silicon carbide mono-filament production plant which is unique in Europe and one of only a few worldwide. It also operates facilities for the layup and processing of mono-filament reinforced metal matrix composites, based on aluminium and titanium matrix alloys.

TISICS technology is world leading, with the company having expansive expertise in the development and manufacture of mono-filament and metal matrix composites. The core team has been involved with the development of this technology since the 1980s when it was owned by BP and developed mono-filament and composite processing for hyper-sonic aircraft and gas turbines. In the mid 1990's, the technology was transferred to the MOD as a strategic UK facility and focused on mono-filament development for military aerospace engines. At the turn of the millennium as part of QinetiQ, the team began work on the development of components for civil aerospace; brakes and landing gear.

Piston Lug Aviation This Lug used for aircraft landing gear, is a reinforced around the eye with several layers of SiC fibre.

What we do?

TISICS metal composites incorporate long silicon carbide fibres into light metals such as titanium and aluminium to boost their strength, stiffness, temperature capability and fatigue performance. We supply silicon carbide fibre and metal composite parts which deliver near net shape components. We are developing a state-of-the-art research and low volume manufacturing facility to provide commercial quantities of fibre and initial production quantities of parts while continuing with customer focused R&D. Plans are under development with industrial partners for high volume production capacity to meet future customer demand.

We believe that metal composites, and in particular titanium matrix systems offer a significant step forward in materials technology. Due to weight savings, the technology can in some applications: justify like-for-like replacement of existing components on new build; or retrofit to in-service aircraft. TISICS can provide initial test samples for customers new to the technology. We believe that major benefits will also occur for novel applications where extremes of performance are required with minimal weight:

Structural Components Aerospace TISICS composites provide high tensile and compressive performance for demanding structual applications. Near net shape fabrication allows robust connection at nodes for assembly and durability.

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  •   Defence
  •   Marine
  •   Aerospace
  •   Optical Structures
  •   Automotive
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